ACATIS Value Conference 2021 – Harnessing the full potential of the immune system – Dr. Sylke Maas

The protein programmers Fighting cancer also prompted the founding of Mainz-based BioNTech, widely known for its rapid development of a Covid 19 vaccine in 2020. "Our founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin worked as oncologists, and they were just tired of just managing death instead of really saving patients," says Dr. Sylke Maas, responsible for investor relations and strategy. BioNTech's [...]

ACATIS Value Conference 2021 – Optimal, personalised cancer therapy – Prof. Dr. Merten, EPFL

Personalized cancer therapy Even in covid times, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the industrialized world. Although treatment options are constantly improving, approximately 230,000 people die of cancer each year in Germany alone. Because patients respond very differently to drugs due to the diversity of tumors, it is not very efficient to apply the same therapy to [...]

ACATIS Value Conference 2021 – Better, faster, more lucrative – Julia Gross, Euro am Sonntag

A biochemist and science journalist, she has covered the biotech industry for more than 20 years. "The Covid pandemic and the successful development of vaccines have changed a lot in terms of the acceptance of these issues. The industry is swimming in money, and more research is being done than ever before." At the same time, he said, there has [...]

ACATIS Value Conference – Yellow biotechnology – Prof. Dr. Vilcinskas, Justus-Liebig-University

Yellow biotechnology - adding value with insects With over one million known species, insects are the most successful group of organisms that evolution has produced. Insect biotechnology, also known as "yellow biotechnology", is the development and application of biotechnological methods to make insects or molecules, cells, organs and associated microorganisms derived from them usable as products or services in medicine, [...]

ACATIS Value Conference 2021 – Shakespeare’s universe of medicial plants – PD Dr. Schneckenburger

Profit before pandemic The literary heritage of mankind includes the works of Shakespeare (1564-1616) - some 40 plays, two great verse epics and 154 sonnets. Shakespeare names over 140 plant species - highly functional on his scenery-less stage. This required the knowledge of the Stratford author, but also of his audience. He and his characters were well aware of the [...]

ACATIS Value Conference 2021 – Invisible diversity – Prof. Dr. Pauls, Senckenberg Forschungsinstitut

Growing understanding of ecosystems Organisms leave fragments of their own genetic material, eDNA, environmental DNA, in the environment in the form of microscopic tissue particles or as dissolved molecules. Scientists use these DNA traces to locate animals, to study the biotic communities of rivers and lakes with a water sample, to set up inexpensive or standardizable early warning systems before [...]

ACATIS Value Conference 2021 – The next big development – Dr. Hendrik Leber, ACATIS Investment

"When several big trends collide, unusual things follow. "Lollapalooza" is what Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's partner, calls this effect. And now, a new industrial revolution in biology and medicine is emerging from the following simultaneous developments - rising and accelerating analytical power, falling sequencing costs, more powerful molecular modeling, and massive amounts of biological data that can also be processed.

ACATIS Value Konferenz 2021 – Das volle Potenzial des Immunsystems nutzen – Dr. Sylke Maas, BioNTech

Die Protein-Programmierer Die Bekämpfung von Krebs war auch Anlass für die Gründung der Mainzer Firma BioNTech, weithin bekannt durch die schnelle Entwicklung eines Covid-19-Impfstoffs in 2020. „Unsere Gründer Özlem Türeci und Ugur Sahin haben als Onkologen gearbeitet, und sie waren es einfach leid, nur den Tod zu verwalten, anstatt die Patienten wirklich zu retten“, so Dr. Sylke Maas, zuständig für [...]

ACATIS Value Konferenz 2021 – Optimale, personalisierte Krebstherapie – Prof. Dr. Merten, EPFL

Personalisierte Krebstherapie Auch in Covid-Zeiten ist Krebs die zweithäufigste Todesursache in der industrialisierten Welt. Obwohl sich die Therapieoptionen ständig verbessern, sterben pro Jahr alleine in Deutschland ca. 230.000 Menschen an Krebs. Da Patienten aufgrund der Verschiedenartigkeit von Tumoren sehr unterschiedlich auf Medikamente ansprechen, ist es wenig effizient, die gleiche Therapie bei allen Patienten anzuwenden. Trotzdem geschieht dies meistens, weil schnelle, [...]

ACATIS Value Konferenz 2021 – Besser, schneller, lukrativer – Julia Gross, Euro am Sonntag

Besser, schneller, lukrativer - Investieren in Biotechnologie „Gerade jetzt ist ein guter Zeitpunkt für Investments in Biotechnologie“, bekräftigte Julia Groß, leitende Redakteurin des Wochenmagazins EURO am Sonntag. Die Biochemikerin und Wissenschaftsjournalistin berichtet seit über 20 Jahren über die Biotech-Branche. „Die Covid-Pandemie und die erfolgreiche Entwicklung von Impfstoffen haben viel verändert, was die Akzeptanz dieser Themen angeht. Die Branche schwimmt in [...]

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